Astronomy Topics

Project Supervisor
Data-mining nearby galaxies Dr. Pauline Barmby
Oceanic detection of meteorite impacts Dr. Peter Brown
Detection of Very-Low Frequency radiation from bright fireballs Dr. Peter Brown
Development and testing of a broadband all-sky radiometer Dr. Peter Brown
Measurement of meteoroid mass influx to Earth Dr. Peter Brown
Boson Star formation in a Gravitational Collapse and the Weak Gravity Conjecture Dr. Alex Buchel
Neutron Stars with Holographic Equation of State for the Nuclear Matter Dr. Alex Buchel
Hydrodynamics at High Order Gradient Expansion in Viscoelastic Materials Dr. Alex Buchel
A New Look at an Old Mystery: the Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs) Dr. Jan Cami
Buckyballs in Planetary Nebulae Dr. Jan Cami
The Meteoroid Environment from Optical Observations Dr. Margaret Campbell-Brown
Meteoroid Fragmentation from High-Resolution Observations Dr. Margaret Campbell-Brown
Winds Around Supermassive Black Holes Dr. Sarah Gallagher
Compact Galaxy Groups Over Cosmic Time Dr. Sarah Gallagher
Numerical Simulation of Disks Surrounding Massive Stars Dr. Carol Jones
Detecting the Shadows of Outer Solar System Comets Dr. Stan Metchev
Extraterrestrial Storms: in the Solar System and Beyond Dr. Stan Metchev
Numerical Modeling of Meteorite Impact Events Dr. Gordon Osinski
Characterizing Cosmic Carbonaceous Material Dr. Els Peeters
Probing Star Formation in the Universe with Carbonaceous Molecules Dr. Els Peeters
Probing the Atmosphere Using High Power Lasers (Lidar) Dr. Robert Sica
Discovering New Asteroids and Comets Dr. Paul Wiegert
The Earth's Meteor Environment Dr. Paul Wiegert
Mysterious Exoplanets: epsilon Eridani Dr. Paul Wiegert
Backtracking Asteroids Arriving from Interstellar Space Dr. Paul Wiegert

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