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    New study provides better interpretation of MRI scans ( Prof Andrea Soddu, above)

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    3rd Annual Fallona Family Interdisciplinary Research Showcase (Giovanni Fanchini)

Making Headlines

  • Star outburst observations explained by Western astronomer's star formation model
    Early star formation contains eruptive events, which to date have been predicted on time scales of over thousands of years. Western astronomer Shantanu Basu and longtime colleague Eduard Vorobyov developed a gravitational instability and fragmentation model which predicts these bursts on much shorter time scales. This has now been observed in star V346 Normae.
  • Seredipitous research yields potential new electronic flash memory material
    Little did Giovanni Fanchini and Joe Gilroy know that when they began testing a certain organic material for use in coating solar cells, that it would open up a whole new world of electronic flash memory devices. [LFP]
  • Western names abound in space
    Western grad and amateur astronomer Peter Jedicke, along with his professional astronomer brother Robert, are just a few Western alumni to have asteroids named after them. [Western News]

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