Blaine Chronik and the MR system group receive CFI grant

Blaine Chronik MR group receives CFI grant

Dr. Blaine Chronik (photo at left), is the principal investigator in the new "Centre for the Development and Testing of MR-compatible Devices and Technology" which has just been awarded a Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant. One of the co-investigators in the Centre is John R. de Bruyn (photo at right).

The project aims to improve healthcare for Canadians by facilitating the development of safer, more advanced medical devices for use within safer, more advanced MRI systems. Proximity and access to this infrastructure will give Canadian companies an additional advantage in the fast-paced and competitive medical device industry.

The project proposes to create a comprehensive medical device testing and development facility to support companies and academic groups in the development of medical devices that are safe and operational even while within an MR scanner. The focus is entirely on the creation of a platform of projects to provide the expertise on the MR-compatibilty aspects of this problem.

John de Bruyn's role will be to characterize materials to be used in testing MR-compatible devices, and to develop “new and improved” materials for this application.

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