Physics and Astronomy well represented at Science faculty/staff recognition luncheon

Henry Leparskas received an Award of Excellence from the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science held its faculty and staff recognition luncheon on Tuesday, December 10, at the Great Hall. The master of ceremonies was Dean of Science, Charmaine Dean.

Physics and Astronomy was once again well represented this year.

[see photos of some of our recipients]

Peter Brown was recognized for his Distinguished Research Professorship award of this past year.

Blaine Chronik and Martin Houde were recognized for their promotion to full professors.

Pauline Barmby and Jan Cami were promoted to associate professors with tenure.

Alyssa Gilbert received the Award of Excellence for Outreach and Recruitment.

Henry Leparskas received a Science Award of Excellence.

Loveleen Gill was welcomed as a new staff member in Science, while Andrea Soddu was recognized as a new faculty member.

Finally, we acknowledged the retirement of Jackie McLean.