Fall Convocation 2013

Dr. William Handler presents a gift mug to new medical physics PhD. Geron Bindseil

Family, friends, and department members gathered informally to acknowledge our graduates who will be receiving their degrees at fall convocation on Nov.1, 2013.

Shown in the image above, Dr. William Handler (left), shares a funny moment with PhD recipient Geron Bindseil (right).

[images of the event]

List of graduates:

Jeff Bailey
PhD in Astronomy
Dr. John Landstreet presenting Dept Mug

Geron Bindseil
PhD in Physics
Dr. Blaine Chronik presenting Dept Mug

Robbie Halonen
PhD in Astronomy
Dr. Carol Jones presenting Dept Mug

Sarah Kefayati
PhD in Physics
Dr. Tamie Peopping presenting Dept Mug

Sarah Malek
PhD in Astronomy
Dr. Jan Cami presenting Dept Mug

Shailesh Nene
PhD in Physics
Dr. Jeff Hutter presenting Dept Mug

Curtis Wiens
PhD in Physics
Dr. Charles McKenzie presenting Dept Mug

Quanzhi Ye
MSc in Astronomy
Dr. Peter Brown presenting Dept Mug