Physics and Astronomy - March Break Open House 2014

March Break Open House 2014

March Break Open House took place in the atrium of the Physics and Astronomy building on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

This year's event had a tremendous turnout, and included new events such as the mock lectures, which were a huge success.

None of this would have been possible without the time put in by our volunteer students, faculty, and staff, who included Liz Gray, Ian Mulholland, Mark Baker, Dan Golverk, Tyler Bulley, Jim Nicholson, Gabe Keenleyside, Scott Wheatley, Marek Brzozowski, Adam Fortais, Jaewoo Park, Reg Bauld, Giovanni Fanchini, Peter Frank, Phin Perquin, Margaret Campbell-Brown, Tamie Poepping, Eugene Wong, Wayne Hocking, Silvia Mittler, Henry Leparskas, Sarah Gallagher, Kanthi Kaluarachchi, Pauline Barmby, Jeff Hutter, and Chair Shantanu Basu.

[see images of the event]

[youtube video]