Peter Brown addresses the Royal Canadian Institute

Prof. Peter Brown

On Sunday, 9 February 2014, Professor Peter Brown gave a talk to the Royal Canadian Institute (RCI) for the Advancement of Science entitled "The Chelyabinsk Airburst Decoded: Impact Hazards from Small Asteroids". This talk was co-sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre.

The abstract of Peter's talk is as follows;

"The impact hazard from small asteroids is uncertain because of many poorly understood factors. These include how asteroids vapourize in the atmosphere together with the associated impact effects at the ground. The Chelyabinsk event gave scientists their first detailed instrumental data on a well observed, damage-producing airburst. I will describe what we have learned about the Chelyabinsk airburst in the year since it occurred and what it may tell us about future impacts at the Earth."

A webcast is available on the RCI Lectures for Winter-2014 web page. [unfortunately, it requires a potentially non-functional plugin for the Firefox browser]

However, a list of slides from the talk are available to view individually by clicking the 'right' arrow that is found on the top toolbar of the webcast page.