Shooting of Physics and Astronomy promotional video

Morgan McLellan the McLellan Group Media

McLellan Group of Toronto, along with Sky Eye Media, visited the department on October 22 for the shooting of a promotional video. Shown in the photo is Morgan McLellan.

The video, to have its premier screening at the Grand Opening celebrations on November 29, 2013, will highlight the beauty of the existing building structure, along with the transformation created by the renovations, these having been completed in the fall of 2012.

Chris Bacik, of Sky Eye Media, is a Western graduate of both business and mechanical engineering, and it is his flying video camera which will give this production unprecedented aerial views of both the inside and outside of the Physics and Astronomy building.

Also to be highlighted in this new video production are some of the physics and astronomy laboratories within the newly renovated structure.

This production was orchestrated by Marilyn Steinberg and Mitch Zimmer of the Faculty of Science.

[ images of the video shoot ]