Meteor physics group investigates the Windsor Hum

Meteor Physics group helps to search for the source of the Windsor Hum

Dr. Peter Brown (right side of right photo) and the Meteor Physics group at Western will take their expertise in low frequency infrasound detection abroad, in order to help find a possible source of the so called 'Windsor Hum'. Among the Meteor Physics group are PhD candidate Elizabeth Silber (at left in right photo), and research scientist Zbignew Krzeminski (left photo).

The Windsor Hum is a long standing 'noise' that has plagued a part of the Windsor, Ontario community for several years.  It has been described on Youtube.

The group from Western will work alongside engineer Dr. Colin Novak of the University of Windsor.

The announcement was made at The University of Windsor by Bob Dechert, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Canadian federal government is funding the project.

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