Departmental Christmas Party

Christmas party 2014

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The newly renovated Physics and Astronomy building atrium was once again the magnificent venue for the 2014 departmental Christmas celebrations, and it was arranged to perfection by staff members Loveleen Gill, Clara Buma, Phin Perquin, and Brian Davis.

A large cheery group partook in the festivities, where food and bit of Christmas cheer were the first order of business.

The room was humming with activity just as Santa made his appearance, with sled parked in the loading dock.

With two, not very camoflauged, photographers stocking his every move, just about everyone in the room had their photo taken with Mr. Claus.

Christmas is a time to reflect and to acknowledge the important people in our lives. The staff and students in Physics and Astronomy once again wanted to acknowledge the tireless work of the caretaking staff Emira, Mike, and Hugo. Everyone was thrilled to see Hugo, who has been on leave of absence because of his health.  Chair Shantanu Basu, along with Santa, presented Emira, Mike, and Hugo with tokens of appreciation.

Lucky draw prize winners were Jeff VanKerkhove, Peter Brown, Stan Metchev, and Shailesh Nene.

The winner of the famous Physics and Astronomy 'door prize' was none other than Loveleen Gill.

Attending the party was Konstantin Fedotov, presently living in Victoria, who had just successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Surprise visitors were former graduate students Allison Hill and Alex DeSouza, both of whom are currently at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands.

A big thank you goes out once again to our Santa, Michel Debruyne.

Christmas party 2014