Departmental Retreat

Dean of Science Charmaine Dean speaks to faculty and staff of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy held its 5th annual retreat on Sept. 3, 2014. The venue was the Spencer Leadership Centre.

The retreat is taken as a time to meet as a group before the school year begins, and to focus on the goal of doing things better in the new year.

After light snacks, the attending faculty and staff members were given an introduction by Chair Shantanu Basu.

The first session was on the topic of Workplace Culture, and was introduced by Prof. Aaron Sigut. The best ideas from the ensuing group discussions were compiled by Prof. Pauline Barmby.

Next, the Dean of Science, Charmaine Dean (photo above) spoke to the retreat members about the future vision for Science at Western, along with the special role that Physics and Astronomy plays in this vision.

The next workshop began with an introductory talk by Associate Dean of Research, Bryan Neff, who spoke to faculty about the evolving world of research funding. Group discussion followed.

[images from retreat]