New 3D printer a matter of Brain and Mind

Brian Dalrymple and Frank Van Sas examine 3-D printed brain model

If, a year ago, you would have asked Brian Dalrymple (left in photo) or Frank Van Sas (at right), what equipment they would love to have in the machine shop, they would have said 3D printer.

Dr. Andrea Soddu

Dr. Andrea Soddu

Incredibly, after much diligent work on behalf of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, their dream has come true.

Delivered just before the new year, the Stratasys Fortus 400mc large format 3D printer forms the new centerpiece of the Physics and Astronomy machine shop.

3-D printed model of brain white matter

Model of brain white matter

Shown in these images are models of a human brain, made from MRI images of a live brain.  The client for this model was introduced to these new facilities by Physics and Astronomy Professor Andrea Soddu, who is also a member of the Brain and Mind Institute here at Western.

Brain model in washer

Brain model exits washer

The Fortus 400mc is capable of using up to 11 different printing materials. Presently, the supported material is white polycarbonate plastic, which is ideal for MRI compatibility, with Blaine Chronik's medial physics MR Systems Group being a large client of the shop.