PHUNC 2015 features exoplanets, art, and music

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As Department Chair Shantanu Basu put it, this version of the Physics Undergraduate Conference was certainly a "PhUnCy" event !  All that was missing was perhaps the sounds of the Theremin or the strains of  "The Planets" by Gustav Holst in the background.  Music of the Spheres might have been another interpretation of the event.

The beautiful open space of the first floor atrium in the newly renovated Physics and Astronomy building played host to the Physics Undergraduate Conference student posters and art displays.  Posters titles ranged from "Mirror Inversion Theorem" for music, authored by Johnathan Levert, to "Diffusion Tensor Imaging" for medical physics, presented by Mona Abu Sharkh.


Those present were also fortunate enough to enjoy the multi-media paintings of budding artist Samantha Le Grand.

On the more formal side, the department packed the room for an invited talk by Dr. Emily Rauscher from the University of Michigan. She delighted the audience with a presentation titled, "The Increasing Complexity of Exoplanet Atmospheres".


Later on, a panel discussion on the topic of "Unexplored Space and What Awaits" took place.  Panelists were Dr. Emily Rauscher, and graduate students Shannon Hicks and Parshati Patel. Panel moderators were Sumit Sharma and Chris Rose.

Sumit Sharma and Chris Rose were the key organizers, working with assistance from Prof. Shantanu Basu, instructor of the undergraduate seminar class.