Staff team building and Christmas lunch

Team building sushi making

On Monday, 08 Dec. 2014, the Physics and Astronomy staff, hosted by Chair Shantanu Basu, met at the Spencer Ivey Leadership Centre.

The day began with a team building exercise. The object of the exercise was to split into random teams and then compete against the other teams at a particular task, which this day would be sushi making. The chef at Spencer Ivey gave a demonstration of his sushi making skills,  making it seem deceptively simple, as everyone would find out.

The four teams had about an hour in order to prepare a sushi plate, complete with artistic garnishes. The head chef would then judge the work based on quality and artistic presentation.

The hour went by much too quickly. One finished sushi plate had a 'rocket theme', while another was 'snowman in tropical paradise', and a third being 'East meets Wests'. The winners, Doug, Brian, and Brian (DB-squared), surprisingly had a theme of 'no theme necessary - quality speaks for itself'. Their winning sushi plate was very impressive, with professional looking sushi, and CNC precision-like cut fruit and vegetable garnishes.

After all of the hard work, the group enjoyed a wonderful Christmas buffet lunch.

[images from the event]