Fall Convocation Reception


Fall graduation for the Faculty of Science was held on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

A noon hour reception and recognition ceremony were held in the Physics and Astronomy atrium 2nd floor lounge. The dpeartment had seven graduates this fall, five of whom were in attendance with their families, and friends.

Students were introduced by their supervisors, who spoke a bit about their research together and future plans. Each graduating student received the traditional departmental coffee mug.

Congratualtions to all our Fall 2017 graduates!

PhD graduates

Thesis title


Kendra Kellogg


Investigating the Effects of Gravity, Cloud Structure and Metallicity on Brown Dwarf Atmospheres

 Stan Metchev

MSc graduates

Project title


Viraja Khatu


Optical Spectral Analysis of Mini Low-Ionization Broad Absorption Line Quasars

Sarah Gallagher

Deepakshi Madaan


1-D evolution of protoplanetary disks

Shantanu Basu

Pranav Manangath


Analysis of the clumps in a circumstellar disk in the migrating embryo model

Shantanu Basu

Keegan Marr


Computing the Photometric and Polarimetric Variability of Be Stars

Carol Jones

Rebecca Stabile


Using Bayes’ Theorem to Separate Telluric from Interstellar Features in Stellar Spectra

Jan Cami

Megan Tannock


Weather on Other Worlds: the Three Fastest Rotating Ultra-Cool Dwarfs

Stan Metchev


[google photos of event]

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