Fall Preview Day 2017


The physics and astronomy building was a buzz on Sunday November 12, 2017 as parents and prospective students descended for the science showcase on Fall Preview Day. One of the largest crowds in recent memory kept the atrium full and the volunteers busy throughout the day.

Thank you to all of Physics and Astoronmy's enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate, and faculty/staff volunteers:
Abbey Adams, Tim Hallatt, Adrian Mahjour, Colin Metrow, Matt McCready, Danielle McFadden, Sean Huggins, Kieffer Davieau, Benjamin George, Daniel Hatfield, Taranpreet Kaur, Megan Tannock, Victor Wong, Edith Yeung, Mark Baker, Giovanni Fanchini, Sarah Gallagher, Lyudmila Goncharova, Kanthi Kaluarachchi, Bob Sica, and Mahi Singh. 

To Sab Ezugwu for getting our exhibit ready, set up and disassembled, to Shailesh Nene and Maryam Tabeshian for handling the lab tours, to Jan Cami for organizing and leading the Cronyn tours, to Phin Perquin for various set up and photography tasks, and to Jen Tilston for organizing in the lead up. 

The day would not have been the success it was without your efforts!

[google photos from the day]

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