Undergraduate Honours Thesis Presentations

On Tuesday April 16, 2019 the members of the undergraduate thesis course, Physics 4999, presented their research talks.

The course was overseen by Professor Giovanni Fanchini.



Colin Metrow

Studying electroencephalogram data through the lens of quantum mechanics.

(supervisors: A. Soddu / B. Stojanoski)



Luke McFadden

Bolid measurements through seismic and infrasound detections.

(supervisor: P. Brown)



Matt McCready

Photoconductivity and “memristive” properties of oxoverdazyl radical memory devices.
(supervisor: G. Fanchini)



Nastaran Ghafouriansahraei

Analyzing rotational axes orientation of Be stars in open clusters.

(supervisor: A. Sigut)



Josh Bazely

Comparing properties of well-known reflection nebulae using a principal component analysis.

(supervisors: J. Cami / E. Peeters)



Hanna Brännström

Measuring the spin of a black hole in a black hole X-ray binary system.

(supervisor: S. Gallagher)


Tim Hallatt

Messengers from afar: the origins of interstellar objects.

(supervisor: P. Wiegert)



Dakota Cecil

Automated filtering of meteor events from the Canadian automated meteor observatory

(supervisor: M. Campbell-Brown)


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