The Governor General Silver Medal - 2001

Colleen Schinkel

Colleen Schinkel

Colleen was awarded the Governor General Undergraduate Silver Medal on June 7, 2001 at the Science Awards Ceremony. This is awarded to the undergraduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in a 4-year Bachelor degree in an honors program. Colleen graduated with a BSc Honors Scholar's Electives Degree in Physics and Astronomy.

Colleen was assigned the honor of carrying the Science Banner in the Processional at Convocation on the afternoon of June 7, 2001.

Colleen also received the following awards:

The J.B. Bancroft Science Prize and Medal which is awarded to a graduating student with the highest standing in an Honors Science Program who has achieved an "A" average in second, third and fourth years.

The UWO Gold Medal for the BSc Honors Scholar's Electives Program, where one gold medal has been established in each of the fourth year programs in Honors Arts, Social Science or Science in the Scholar's Electives Program and awarded to the student with the highest marks in that program.

The Donald R. Hay Prize, awarded to the student with the highest standing in the fourth year Honors Research Project (Physics 491) with a minimum mark of 80%.

Colleen graduated with "Distinction" and was on the "Dean's Honor List" Students in degree programs who have achieved an overall average of 80% and no grade lower than 70% on the entire program with no failed courses will graduate "with distinction". Undergraduate students with outstanding academic records are named to the Dean's Honor List. In May of each year the Dean of each Faculty establishes an Honor List containing the names of all students registered in that Faculty whose average mark, for all courses completed in the previous 12 months, May 1 to April 30, is 80% or more with no failed courses. (For any course completed on a letter of permission in this period the mark must be A".)

She also received the Francis Weir Scholarship. When the winner of the Governor General's Silver Medal, awarded to the undergraduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in a four-year Bachelor degree in an honors program, is a woman, she will receive a scholarship, a gift of the late Mr Samuel E Weir, QC through the Weir Foundation in memory of Miss Francis Martha Weir who won the Governor General's Medal when she graduated from this University in 1916.

She also received the John Gordon McIntosh Scholarship #2 For honors Physics, 3rd year highest average.

She also received the Physics Seminar Prize This award was first presented in March 2000. Every year, prizes for the best seminar presentation (the report is also taken into consideration, but is based primarily on the talk itself) are presented to four students in each of the following categories: Two students in the second year of the Honors Program and two students in the upper levels of the Honors Program. NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student Research Award with Dr. J-P St-Maurice This award is held by undergraduate students during the summer months May-August under the supervision of a Faculty Member who holds an NSERC grant NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship A to be held at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta PGS A-maximum duration of 24 months and must be held during either first or second years of graduate study at the masters or doctoral level.