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The object of these events is to have fun, so you may not wish to stress the awards aspect of the Olympics. On the other hand, the contestants have put forth some effort towards the Olympics and as winners should get some recognition.

Possible items for participants:

  1. Certificates
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  2. Ribbons
  3. Buttons
  4. T-shirts

Winners could receive:

  1. Medals
  2. Small trophies
  3. Magazine subscriptions
  4. Books
  5. Scientific equipment

It may be a good idea to have a trophy for the overall winning school or group. This would bolster their spirits and ensures a return to defend or win the trophy in next year's competition. Try to have an awards ceremony where some notables from the community, education system or sponsors would make the presentation. This recognition is encouraging to all who participate.

If you are having trouble meeting costs, you might consider a registration fee to help pay for supplies and awards. This also ensures the sincerity of the entrants.

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