Physics and Astronomy


Energy and Control


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Grade: Any  
Rube Goldberg Do a simple task in the most complicated way possible.

Grade Three: Forces and Movement

On a Small Scale Make your own spring scale.
May The Force Be With You Demonstrate as many forces as you can.
Grade Five : Conservation of Energy
Sensational Spool Car Make a wind up spool car.
Watery Barrage Launch a water filled balloon.
Grade Six Electricity
Electromagnet Make the best electromagnet.
Grade Seven: Heat  
Hot Water Heater Make a solar water heater
Hygrometer Construct a hygrometer.
Keep It On Ice Insulate ice to keep it from melting.
My Cup Of Tea Boil a cup of water using (super) human energy.
Popcorn Done Naturally Pop corn with solar energy.
Solar House Build your own solar house.
Solar Oven Raise the temperature using the sun.
Some Like It Hot Make the solution that reaches the highest temperature in the microwave.
Warm Hands Make a turbine that uses heat from your hands.


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