Physics and Astronomy


Matter and Materials

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Game Money Print game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates. (pdf - 2 Megabytes)
Grade: Any  
Metric Madness How much does it cost to fill the gymnasium with marshmallows?
Grade One: Characteristics of Objects and Properties of Materials
In My Estimation Estimate sizes of different objects.
Rough! Make your own sandpaper.
Grade Two: Properties of Liquids and Solids
Egg Relay - Volume Find the volume of an egg.
Egg Relay - Density Measure the density of an egg in a relay race.
Grade Five: Properties and Changes in Matter
Food Separation Separate a mixture of two different foods into separate plastic bags.

Grade Six: Properties of Air and Characteristics of Flight

Balloon Powered Automobile Make a car propelled by a balloon.
Bubble Trouble Who can make the biggest bubble?
Disposable Plate Toss 1 Make a paper plate fly.
Disposable Plate Toss 2 Make a paper plate fly and hit a target.
Great Airplane Build a superior paper airplane.
Great Plane Race Build a plane out newspaper.
Hold Your Breath Play Ping-Pong with straws.
Just A Plane Elastic Make a plane powered by an elastic band
Popsicle Plane Build a paper plane and launcher.
The Plane! The Plane Make a paper airplane.
Save Our Ship Build a sturdy ship using the materials provided.
Space Glider Construct a glider from garbage bags and paint stir sticks.
Grade Seven: Pure Substances and Mixtures
Density Relay Visit various stations, and gather data to determine density.
Grade Eight: Fluids
Small Barge Make a barge out of aluminum foil to hold the most pennies.
Bubble Brawn Bubbles and surface tension.
Floating Tower Build the tallest floating tower.
Indoor Kite Flying Make your own kite and fly it to victory.
Mud Boat Make a boat out of clay.


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