Physics and Astronomy

Audio Visual Presentations

Participants must design a 5 to 10 minute long audiovisual presentation which may include any one of the following: Video; PowerPoint presentation, Web- based presentation; series of slides with a recorded tape commentary.

Purpose To develop presentation skills, and gain knowledge in the chosen topic.
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials To be provided by the team.
  1. The presentation must be put together by the entrant(s) only. No commercially available material may be used.
  2. The tape must be 90 - 100% recorded in the students own voice.
  3. Presentations must fall within the time limit of 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. The topic of presentation must fall in one of the following categories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy and Environmental Science. (Topics can be decided by event organizers)
  5. Students must make their own arrangements for the use of any audiovisual equipment.
  6. All material to be presented must be forwarded by the deadline for reviewing.
  1. On quality of audiovisual material, content, originality and clarity of presentation.
  2. The judges scores for a team's presentation will be averaged, and the team with the highest average score wins the event.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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