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Bottle Music
Objective Duplicate the standard music scale-by ear alone-within the range of high C to C below middle C.
Purpose Study the science of the Sound of Music. To obtain the best score the team should tune the bottles as quickly as possible based on a chosen note to the relative scale using all team members as much as possible. The excitation of the bottles is to be accomplished by blowing across the mouth of the bottle. They may not be sounded by hitting them on the sides with a mallet. Tuning forks or pitch pipes are not to be used in the competition.
Participant: Teams of up to nine.
Materials A set of 18 identical bottles (Coke or Pepsi).

It is the job of the team to tune the unfilled bottles by adding water (provided) to the scale and play a short tune provided within the time provided.

Judging Area Weight Score Total (Max)
  Relative Pitch 2 4  3  2  1  0
  Time of completion 3 4  3  2  1  0 12
  Team Work in Performance 2 4  3  2  1  0 8
  Following this, another untimed piece will be played for which the judges will award another 2 parts of the score.  
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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