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Cantilever Arm
Objective To construct a cantilever arm that will support a Styrofoam cup as far away from the desk as possible.
Purpose To investigate the mechanical properties of spaghetti.
Participants: Teams of up to four people.
Materials 200 g of spaghetti, 2 metres of masking tape, 1 Styrofoam cup
  • The cantilever arm must be constructed out of spaghetti using masking tape as a fastener.
  • The bottom of the cup must be supported at the level of the table top.
  • The length of the arm must be at least one (1) metre beyond the edge of the table.
  • A time limit of 50 minutes will be imposed.
  • Judging
  • Each team will receive points if the arm extends greater than one metre beyond the edge of the table.
  • Each team will receive bonus points if the arm supports the Styrofoam cup at table/desk height.
  • Each team will receive additional bonus points for each cup of sand the cantilever will support.
  • Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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