Physics and Astronomy

Computer Simulation
Objective Write a program to help the user understand the relationship between radius of curvature and focal length of a lens. The program should present some basic ideas and draw diagrams to illustrate. It could also quiz the user to test if the ideas have been correctly understood.
Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials Teams will provide their own computers and software

You are required to demonstrate your program to the judges. The Technical It is strongly recommended, however, that competitors bring their own equipment to avoid compatibility problems at the time of the demonstration.

You are also required to submit a report. The judges should be able to assess your project on the basis of this report alone. This report must be submitted two weeks before the date of the competition. It should contain the following:
• A title page;
• A one page summary of exactly what your program does and does not do.
• A page of acknowledgment giving details of all sources of material and ideas in the project. Explain exactly your own contributions, those of your coach and those from other sources;
• A detailed explanation of exactly what your program does (for prospective users) and examples showing the full capability of your program;
• Evidence showing that the program has been thoroughly tested;
• A technical description of the software;
• References;
• A documented listing of the program.



Much of the emphasis will be placed on the user-friendliness and apparent good tutoring value and impact of the program as demonstrated to the judges at the competition. The judges will decide the relative emphases to be placed on the demonstration and the report and on the relative importance of the different sections of the report. All references and sources of help must be acknowledged in detail. Any code obtained from third parties must be acknowledged. No marks will be released and the judges' decision will be final.

Coaching Guidelines Each team should have a coach. Coaches can suggest books, suggest demonstration software, suggest general programming strategies and the like. Coaching should not extend to writing any code at all or to detailed debugging or testing of the programs.
Source Technical University of Nova Scotia

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