Physics and Astronomy

Function Deduction

Each team will try to identify a series of mathematical functions given the graph with certain key points identified.

ParticipantsTeams of up to six. All students may participate.

Each team will have from 4 to 6. Each school may have up to two teams but only one team per school allowed per session.

Each team will be seated at a table, and be given an envelope with 17 pages inside ( 15 Main Functions and 2 Bonus Functions). On each page will be an accurate graph of a mathematical function; and, where necessary key points for the unknown function. The functions will be in one of six categories: linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic. In some cases, the category will be given to you.

The object of the competition is to identify the equations of the functions within the time limit of 30 minutes. The team can divide up the work as they see fit and discuss, cross-check, argue and so on as they come to their collective conclusions about the unknown functions.

Training for the Event

These resources will be helpful as you practise for the competition

JudgingEach question will be scored out of 5, so that the maximum team score is 75 marks. Alternate forms of equations are acceptable. In the case of a tie then the time of the teams completion will be taken into account.

Q1. Do the solutions have to be in standard form or expanded? For rational and reciprocal functions, which form does the answer need to be in?
A1. It does not matter. Multiple forms are accepted. For example the quadratic may be in any form.

Q2. Are calculators allowed?
A2. Basic calculators can be used. Graphing calculators or programmable calculators are not allowed



London District Science Olympics. This event was created by Eric Wood. It has been extended by Frank Tancredi.

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