Physics and Astronomy

Events for Grades 11 and 12
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Amazing RodentsTrain you favourite rodent to run a standard maze.
And This Little PigBiology of the foetal pig.
Audiovisual PresentationMake a video, PowerPoint or web based presentation.
Bike RallyCompete in a bicycle rally.
Bionic ArmBuild a mechanical arm and use it to perform a task.
Bottle MusicTune 18 bottles and make music.
Cantilever ArmBuild an arm from spaghetti and masking tape.
Chemical DetectiveWhich Ions produce the precipitation?
Chemistry RelaySolve chemistry problems in a relay race.
Compound BoggleLearn many chemical compounds
Computer SimulationWrite a program to simulate a scientific concept, in this case optics
Dante's PeekBuild a model from verbal instructions only.
Egg DropMake a safe container and drop it from the top floor.
Egg LobLaunch an egg using two rubber bands.
Eggmobile MossportUse an elastic band to power a vehicle to carry an egg.
Fermi Questions How many piano tuners are there in Toronto?
Forensic BiologyYou are the Forensic Science Team. What can you tell the police?
Function Deduction Identify the equations of functions from graphs or tables of values.
Game MoneyPrint game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates. (pdf file 2 Megabytes)
Ionic AnalysisAnalyze an unknown solution.
If The Key FitsTaxonomic Identification of Biological Organisms.
Laser shootHit a target with a laser beam.
Lift OffSend a "Satellite " to another "Planet".
Lightning CalculatorsDo 20 mental arithmetic questions in 100 seconds.
London BridgeBuild a bridge strong enough to drive a car over using 200 popsicle sticks.
Looney TunesTune 12 one-litre beakers and make music.
Magic ShowCreate some Magic, and then explain the science that makes it work.
Mixed CompanyIdentify cells and organisms.
Model BuildingBuild models of chemical compounds.
Mousetrap MobileMousetrap powered vehicle.
Music Music MusicMake some musical instrument and play tunes.
Mystery SolutionsIdentify 8 ions in solution.
One Minute InventionThe Inventor has one minute to present the solution to a problem.
One Minute MomentPresent a demonstration and its explanation in one minute.
Optic MazeAim a laser at a target via a maze.
OrienteeringCompete in an Orienteering competition.
Paper Plane FlightsMake a paper plane, testing it for distance, accuracy and stunting.
Peculiar Par 3Hit a golf ball three feet using a rubber band.
Pendulum BallistaUse a pendulum to strike a ball bearing so as to hit a target on the floor.
Piece by PiecePrepare a dissection.
Potential Energy CartUse a falling 0.50 kg mass as the energy source.
QuizzicsExplain the physics behind some favourite demonstrations.
Robot - Balloon Pop Program a Lego Robot to Pop Balloons
Robot - Clear That TrashProgram a Lego Robot to sweep up the trash
Robot - Follow That LineProgram a Lego Robot to follow a path drawn on the floor.
Robot - Navigate That MazeProgram a Lego Robot to navigate a maze.
Robot RunnerBuild a wheeled robot to run a 3.0 m course.
Robot WalkerBuild a waddling robot (no wheels) to run a 3.0 m course.
Rube GoldbergDo a simple task in the most complicated ay possible.
Scientist's ApprenticeModel a realistic scientific investigation in a biological context.
Serial SeriesIdentify additional terms in the series provided.
Spaghetti BridgeBuild a bridge from spaghetti and white glue.
Sulphur In PeaceCan you find the sulphur by examining a topographic map?
Super SleuthIdentify an unknown liquid.
Symphonic OlympicsMake three instruments and make more music.
Take a Flight Make a paper plane, testing it for distance.
Taxonomy Spelling Bee Become an expert on all those biological names.
Tea MakingLets make a nice cuppa tea.
Three PointerKick a Nerf Ball through miniature goal posts.
Vampire FeastExamine 6 slides of prepared blood.
Vehicle ChallengesBuild a vehicle to carry out various challenges.
Water AnalysisAnalyze a water sample for acidity, hardness.
Water Launch BalloonLaunch a water balloon on the football field.
WhisserBuild a device to run on a piano wire uphill.
WindmillBuild a windmill
Yo - Yo ChallengeBuild a world class Yo Yo.



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