Physics and Astronomy

Laser Shoot
Objective To hit a target with a laser beam, after deciding on certain calculations.
Purpose To learn some optics.
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials Laser, mirrors and/or a prism will be supplied by the judges.
  1. Each team will be assigned a numbered target which will be positioned by the judges.
  2. Each team will be allowed 3 minutes to make physical measurements before calculating to determine the angles for deviating the beam.
  3. Each team will be given the refractive index of optical materials and allowed 10 minutes for calculations.
  4. After calculations each team will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to position the optical materials for directing the laser beam.
  5. After the adjustments have been made the laser will be turned on and its position on the target marked using the center of the beam.
Judging The target can be a series of concentric circles with the largest point value falling in the center of the target (resembling a bull's-eye).
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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