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Lift Off
Objective Design and build a "satellite launcher" which propels a ping-pong ball (satellite) into space and effects a rough landing on a "planet"
Participants: Teams of up to four.
Materials A loop and three buckets of sand. - The launcher can be pre-assembled and the materials used will be left to the discretion of the participant.
  1. To enter space, the satellite must pass through a hoop held 50 cm from the launching pad.
  2. The planets will consist of buckets of sand at set distances from the launching pad:
  3. Jupiter - - 2 metres; Saturn - - 3 metres; Uranus - - 4 metres
  4. The launcher may be sent on the floor or at a height of 70 cm from the floor level .
  5. The target aimed at, must be clearly stated before each shot.
  6. Each round will be allowed six shots per round.
  7. Any one planet can only be used twice.
  8. Two rounds of competition with intermission for modifications of launchers if necessary
  1. For entering space - 2 marks
  2. For landing on Jupiter - 3 marks
  3. For landing on Saturn - 5 marks
  4. For landing on Uranus - 10 marks
  5. 2 prizes can be awarded: a) Highest total score b) Highest team score in any round
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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