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One Minute Invention
Objective To encourage creativity and lateral thinking.
Purpose This is intended to be an individual event in which the inventor discusses a "need" or "problem" he has identified {can be of whimsical character} and then exhibits and explains his invention which meets this need or solves the problem.

A student has identified a problem - namely, that when he prepares hot chocolate, he is often in danger of burning his lip because of uncertainty with regard to its temperature. He displays a mug with an attached thermometer as a solution to this problem.

A student has experienced discomfort when he jogs due to perspiration. His solution is to construct a fan attached to his cap which blows onto his brow powered by the battery in his Walkman.

Participants Individuals or teams of two.
Materials The device will be constructed prior to the competition.

1. There are no grade restrictions.

2. One minute is allowed for the inventor's description of the problem and his invention/ solution. Ordinarily, a demonstration will be expected.

3. This event is intended to take place immediately prior to the final ceremonies.

Judging Judges will consider originality of thought and presentation.
Source London District Science Olympics. This event was designed by Murray Kucherawy.

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