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Each participating team will be responsible for four specially assigned dissection tasks from a variety of biological specimens. The students will be told at the event which specimens to dissect and which parts to label.For each task, the result should be a neatly dissected specimen with biologicall accurate labels.

Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials 1. Material to aid your attractive labelling after dissection, e.g.: flow pens, different colored string, special pins, etc Mounting material and paper for labelling will be supplied.

1. Each team will be given four dissection tasks to complete.
2. Each team should be aware that these tasks are based on four of the following eight specimens: Crayfish, cow eye, heart, frog, mushroom, tulip, grasshopper, or earthworm.
3. Each team will be provided with four dissection trays, enough scalpels, forceps, probes, scissors, dissecting needles and pins for all members; slides and cover slips; water and medicine dropper, and one magnifier per group.
4. Every member of the team must participate.
5. Tasks may be divided up among team members at their discretion.
6. No laboratory manuals or other printed materials may be used during this event.
7. The time allotted for this event is 50 minutes.
8. Contestants may not leave their work area while this competition is in progress.
9. A task is considered complete when the dissections have been done and the required labels have been attached.


The points will be awarded according to the following criteria:
1. Dissection Techniques and Skills Neatly and Carefully Dissected Specimen - 20 points
2. Accurate Labels - 20 points
TOTAL possible score for this event - 40 points.

Source Al Mcginnis, Edmonton.









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