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Robot Walker
Objective Construct a device that can "walk" along a straight path through a displacement of three metres.
Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials Supplied by the team.

The emphasis in this event is on creativity. The intent is that the device will propel itself using articulated limbs while exhibiting a recognizable gait. Devices that roll on wheels are ineligible for this event . The device need not be self-contained and no restrictions will be placed on energy sources except for safety considerations.


If your robot travels 3.0 meters in less than 600 seconds, your score equals the time taken in seconds. If your robot travels less than 3.0 metres in this time, your score equals 600 plus the distance measured in millimetres from the finish line at t = 600 seconds.

Source London District Science Olympics. This event was designed by Murray Kucherawy.

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