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Tea Making

Your goal is to heat 300 ml of water as close to boiling as you can, using student power alone.

Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials The apparatus must be constructed before the event.
Rules A good cup of tea is made by pouring boiling water into a pre-heated tea-pot. Here are the detailed rules:

1. You must construct any necessary apparatus, and bring it with you to the competition. It shall include a watertight container of at least 300 ml of capacity.

2. The only energy source allowed is the mechanical energy provided by the physical exertion of a team member.

3. Only one member of the team can operate the apparatus at a time.

4. Team members may take turns operating the apparatus as often as the team captain wishes.

5. The apparatus may be operated for no more than 12 minutes.

6. The temperature of the water will be measured as soon as possible after the 12 minutes are up, by sticking a thermometer into the reservoir holding the water. Don't forget to provide a hole for the thermometer.

7. The volume of water remaining at the end of the 12 minutes must be at least 300 ml.

8. The maximum temperature change of the 300 ml of water will determine the winner.

9. In the event of a tie, the tied teams will participate in a play-off event to be specified at the time of the contest.

Judging The team raising the temperature of the water the most will be the winner.
Source London District Science Olympics. This event was designed by Patrick Whippey.

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