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Three Pointer
Objective To design and construct a device which will kick a nerf ball through a set of miniature goal posts.
Purpose Investigate collisions, energy, and momentum.
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials Mousetrap spring - Thin plywood - Nails, Screws
  1. The device must be no longer than 15 cm at its widest point and 30 cm in height.
  2. The goal posts will range from 10 cm to 30 cm in width.
  3. The miniature course will consist of 8 goal posts which contestants must kick the ball through.
  4. Each contestant (team) must complete the course in 10 minutes.
  1. The device will be judged on its ingenuity of design and its degree of accuracy during a short "kicking" competition.
  2. Passes through cleanly on 1st trial - 5 points.
  3. Passes through but touches post on 1st trial - 4 points.
  4. Passes through on 2nd trial - 2 points.
  5. After the second trial, no points will be given and the team may proceed to the next goal post.
  6. For every minute over the 10 min. limit a team uses to complete the course, a 2 point penalty will be deducted from the team's final score.
  7. The team finishing the course with the most points will be the winner.
  8. Judging the design of the kicker will be based on a scale from 0-10 and criteria will be left to the discretion of the judges.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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