Physics and Astronomy

Vampire Feast
Objective Each member of each team will examine six prepared slides of blood on a microscope and be prepared to answer questions on his or her observations. These may include questions relating to the identity of a disease-causing organism or abnormal blood conditions. A quantitative question will be included.
Purpose To gain experience in analysis of biological samples.
Participants Teams of up to four..
Materials Slides and microscopes will be provided.
  1. Team members may communicate with each other while the event is in progress.
  2. Books, prepared charts or other aids may not be used during the event.
  3. The position of the slides must not be changed.
  4. Adjustments to the microscope will consist of only fine focus adjustments.

Non-Quantitative portion 60 marks. Full marks will be awarded for the most complete or
correct answers.

Quantitative portion 40 marks. Correct answers, derived by the correct procedure, will
score full marks. Part marks may be awarded.

The total score will be 100 marks.

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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