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The objective of this contest is to construct a self-contained device powered continuously and only by a 9 volt battery. The device will propel the battery up an inclined length (12 metres) of piano wire (#28) stretched across the room. The wire will be set at a 3 degree incline.

Purpose To develop skills in electric circuits and motors.
Participants Teams of up to four people.
Materials The battery employed must be one standard 9 volt alkaline battery of a make to be determined by the organizers. No substitutes accepted. Other materials are decided by the team.
  1. The self-contained device carrying the battery may be propelled up the wire by any mechanism which receives its power continuously from the 9 volt battery. The battery must be the only source of power.
  2. Each entry shall carry a 3 cm x 3 cm square of stiff paper to be positioned with one of its sides 1 cm above and parallel to the wire. This card will act to break a light beam which will trigger the timing device.
  3. Each entry may make two runs. The better of the two times will be used.
Judging Recorded times will be ranked from shortest to longest.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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