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Atza Mata For You
Objective To build a spaghetti structure which will cantilever as far as possible from the table edge without touching the floor.
Purpose To demonstrate the simple mechanics of structures
Participants Any number of individuals or teams.
Materials a given amount of uncooked spaghetti, 45 cm of masking tape, a milkshake straw held to a table
  • Students are allowed ten minutes to complete their structures.
  • Only the end of the structure may touch the straw into which it is placed.
  • The spaghetti may be broken into small pieces.
  • If the structure touches the floor, it must be broken off until it is cantilevered.
  • Procedure The structure will be measured after the ten minute time limit.
  • If the structure touches the floor after the time limit, the judge will break off the structure 50 cm behind the point where it touches; if it still touches, the judge will break off another 50 cm and continue until it is above the floor.
  • The distance from the end of the straw to the end of the structure will be measured, not the curve in the structure
  • Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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