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The Great Plane Race
Objective To build an airplane from newspaper capable of traveling 10 metres
Participants Individuals or teams of 2.
Materials One full sheet of newspaper; other materials such as elastics, glue, tape and paper clips.
  1. The airplane may be constructed prior to the competition and must resemble conventional planes.
  2. There shall be one preselected launching platform.
Procedure Each plane is allowed three launches and minor adjustments to the planes structure may be allowed
  1. The airplane that travels the furthest is the winner. Each plane which travels 10 metres receives 10 points plus 1 point for every metre traveled beyond 10 metres.
  2. Each plane which travels 10 metres or more receives an award.
Note Other awards can be given for design, appearance, acrobatics or naming the plane.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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