Physics and Astronomy

Hold Your Breath
Objective Design a way to control air movement in order to move a ball. You cannot use your breath.
Purpose To demonstrate the movement of air currents.
Participants Two teams, any number of players.
Materials Ping pong ball; paper; table; soda straw; tape; one balloon per person
Rules How to Set Up the Playing Field
  • The table is the playing field and the ping pong ball is the game ball. 
  • Goal posts for each team will be set up. The distance between the posts will be determined by the judges.
  • The balloons are the air moving devices. They may be altered (for example, have things attached to it) as long as only the materials supplied are utilized.
  • Students have half an hour to create their air devices.
  • Students may stand or sit around the table.
  • Procedure
  • The game resembles a soccer game in its setup.
  • Scoring rules are flexible. It could be as simple as a two-round game with a one minute break between rounds.
  • If a student touches the ball, the opposing team scores one point.
  • Source Youth Science Foundation

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