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In My Estimation
Objective To make measurements after estimating the length or circumference of various objects
Purpose To demonstrate that perception and measurement may differ, and to improve the participants' powers of estimation
Participants Any number of individuals or teams.
Materials Items to estimate and measure measuring tools (hard and soft rulers)
Rules Each team or individual will be presented with objects to estimate.
  1. Teams will have 10 minutes to study the objects, estimate the dimensions and record them. This record is then submitted to the judge
  2. Teams will then measure the object, being as accurate as possible.
  1. Judges will calculate the difference between the measured and estimated values, first checking that the measured values correspond to the values obtained earlier by the judges.
  2. The team with the smallest overall difference between the actual and estimated values will be declared the winner.
Note Similar experiments can be performed by estimating and measuring the volume of irregular solids.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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