Physics and Astronomy

Events for Grades 4 to 6
Adobe Acrobat Download the free Adobe Acrobat pdf reader.
At Arm's Length Build a mechanical arm.
Atza Matza for You Build a cantilever from spaghetti.
Bubble Trouble Who can make the biggest bubble?
Egg Relay Find the volume of an egg.
Game Money Print game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates. (pdf - 2 Megabytes)
Golden Arches Build a bridge out of newspaper.
Great Plane Race Build a plane out newspaper.
Hold Your Breath Play Ping-Pong with straws.
In My Estimation Estimate sizes of different objects.
On a Small Scale Make your own spring scale.
Picture Mania Match pictures of plants and animals.
Popsicle Plane Build a paper plane and launcher.
Rough! Make your own sandpaper.
Rube Goldberg Do a simple task in the most complicated way possible.
Sensational Spool Car Make a wind up spool car.
That's the Last Straw Build a tower out of straws.
The Plane! The Plane Make a paper airplane.
Ups and Downs Build an elevator.

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