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Food Separation
Objective Separate the food mixture into two product streams such that each stream contains predominantly one food constituent. Collect each of the two streams in sandwich bags.
Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials A mixture of two foods, cardboard, a pair of scissors, scotch tape, 1 beaker, 2 sandwich bags and ties.

1. As soon as a team is satisfied with the separation process, the two sandwich bags should be brought to the judges desk. The weight of each bag and the time will be recorded and the samples will be retained by the judges.
2. Teams may opt for a second and final attempt by taking another mixture. However, if a second set of separated streams is submitted then the first set will not be considered.
3. The separating device must also be submitted with bags to be weighed.
4. After the event is completed, judges will separate each bag into its constituents. The highest value of separation effectiveness (S.E.) will result for bags each containing 100g of a constituent, and no losses during separation.
5. Teams with the highest S.E. score will receive 1 point and the fifth place team will receive 5 points.
6. If some teams have the same S.E. score, then teams that weighed their samples first will have a higher mark.
7. If two teams have the same S.E. score and weighed their samples at the same time, then the team that used the least amount of cardboard will be placed higher than the other.

Source Technical University of Nova Scotia.

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