Physics and Astronomy

Objective To construct a hygrometer which can be used to measure the moist content in the atmosphere.
Purpose To provide incentive to learn about moisture in the atmosphere.
Participants Teams of two or three

1 plank of hard board, glue, scissors, small weight, warm water, a pin, cork, needle, 1 long strand of hair, drinking straw, stiff paper, soap and soda.

  1. Students will be allowed to pre-assemble the hygrometer.
  2. Students will use only the materials outlined but can modify the quantities and choose their own design for the hygrometer.
  3. The students will measure the air moisture content with their hygrometers in a stable environment.
Judging Winners will be decided on the basis of the accuracy of their measurements as compared to the actual humidity as determined by the judges.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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