Physics and Astronomy

Events for Grades 7 to 8
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Balloon Powered Automobile Make a car propelled by a balloon.
Cantilever Hang out a team member as far as possible.
Disposable Plate Toss 1 Make a paper plate fly.
Disposable Plate Toss 2 Make a paper plate fly and hit a target.
Egg Lob Throw an egg using the energy stored in two elastic bands
Egg Relay Measure the density of an egg in a relay race.
Electromagnet Make the best electromagnet.
Food Separation Separate a mixture of two different foods into separate plastic bags.
Game Money Print game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates
Great Airplane Build a superior paper airplane.
Great Golden Arches Build a bridge out of drinking straws.
Hot Water Heater Make a solar water heater
Hygrometer Construct a hygrometer.
Just A Plane Elastic Make a plane powered by an elastic band
Keep It On Ice Insulate ice to keep it from melting.
Little Bit Of Holland Make a windmill and use it to raise a mass.
Make A Wish Extinguish a candle using a mousetrap.
May The Force Be With You Demonstrate as many forces as you can.
Mineral Power Identify eight unknown minerals.
My Cup Of Tea Boil a cup of water using (super) human energy.
Popcorn Done Naturally Pop corn with solar energy.
Pulley For You Can you figure out how to make the pulley system balance?
Rube Goldberg Do a simple task in the most complicated way possible.
Seek And You Will Find A treasure hunt.
Small Barge Make a barge out of aluminum foil to hold the most pennies.
Silent Communication Guide a blindfolded partner.
Teeter Totter Tango Measure mass using a teeter totter.
Tensile Strength Test Hold up the biggest mass possible.
Two Decks High Make a tower out of playing cards.
Watery Barrage Launch a water filled balloon.

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