Physics and Astronomy

Make a Wish
Objective To design a device utilizing a mousetrap which will put out the flame of a candle.
Purpose To encourage creativity and mechanical design skills
Participants Teams of up to four

Mousetrap, miscellaneous apparatus

  1. The only source of energy will be supplied by the mousetrap.
  2. The operator may not be within 1 metre of the mousetrap or within 1 metre of the candle. The mousetrap can be 15 cm from the base of the candle.
  3. The operator gets one chance to put out the flame without penalty. If the candle flame is put out on the first try, 25 points are awarded. Three points are deducted for each subsequent attempt.
  4. If the flame goes out of its own accord the operator will not have met the problem requirements. The candle will be lit again and the operator will attempt again.
  1. Twenty-five points are awarded if the flame is extinguished on the first try.
  2. A 3 point penalty is given for each attempt after the first.
  3. Creativity of design will win points. A jury of 1/2 teacher and 1/2 classmates will award 1 to 10 points for creative solutions.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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