Physics and Astronomy

Mineral Power
Objective Identify eight unknown minerals.
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials A tray with eight ore specimens.

Ore is any concentration of minerals in the earth that can be mined at a profit. Minerals recovered from ores by mining operations are all around you every day -they are in your toothpaste, television, talcum powder, paint, automobile, cd's and even the ink and paper used to convey these words. Have you observed their presence?

Each team will be given a tray with eight ore specimens. Identify each specimen by placing it in its correct labelled box. Do this by using your knowledge of common objects and basic science. For example, the green mineral in the small box is the gemstone peridot - you might recognize it by its color and transparency.

Judging You have 15 minutes to identify the remaining eight ore specimens. Take your tray of minerals to the judges table as soon as you are finished - you will be judged by the number of correct answers and your order of finish, with number of correct answers being given priority.
Source Technical University Of Nova Scotia.

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