Physics and Astronomy

Seek and You shall Find
Objective To collect a given variety of objects (as in a treasure hunt).
Purpose To encourage teamwork.
Participants: Teams of up to four
Materials The list of items to locate will be provided by event co-ordinators just before the start of the search.
  1. Each member of the team will be provided with a list of items to search for. You may search for items together, or assign different items to individual members.
  2. One sample collected may serve to fit more than one category on the list.
  3. All samples will be worth the same number of points.
  4. One 1/2 hour is allowed for the search; all team members must be back at that time
Judging The team who has collected the most samples that correctly correspond to the items listed, will be declared the winner. The interpretation of the samples will be left to the judges' discretion, and their decision will be final.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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