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Silent Communication
Objective One student is to guide a blindfolded partner through a maze using nonverbal communication only.
Purpose To develop an appreciation of the challenges faced by the poorly sighted.
Participants Teams of two.
Materials 1 pea shooter, 3 peas, 1 blindfold.
  1. Students are to develop a communication system that does not involve verbal communications. No grunts, groans, throat-clearing is allowed.
  2. The blindfolded student will be guided non-verbally through the maze.
  3. Upon reaching the first target, he will shoot one pea through the pea shooter at the first target.
  4. If he hits the target, he may proceed to the third target and shoot at it.
  5. Upon hitting the second target, he may proceed to the third target and shoot at it.
  6. Partners should trade positions and repeat the challenge.
  1. Each partner will receive four points if either one hits the first target.
  2. Bonus points are given to each partner for each additional target that is hit.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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