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A Watery Barrage
Objective Each team will attempt to launch a water filled balloon and hit targets at 10 and 20 meters, using a launching device.

To investigate projectile motion.

Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials A launching device is provided as follows. Two parallel strands of 1 cm surgical tubing will be strung between the uprights of a football goal post. The two strands will be threaded through the handles of a laundry basket with approximately 10 cm of polyurethane cushion.
  1. Each team will provide its own balloon which must satisfy visual inspection by a judge that it contains a minimum of 400 ml of fluid.
  2. Each team will compete in each of two rounds with no more than three teams included in each competing set.
  3. Each team will be allowed one practice shot prior to the competition. Each team will take two shots at each target distance. Each shot will count.
  4. Each team is allowed one minute to launch its initial shot and an additional one minute to complete its second shot. For a total time of two minutes per team per round.
  5. All teams will complete the first round before the range is changed (by the judges) for the next round.
  1. Accuracy determines the score.
  2. The distance from the spot of impact to the centre of the base of the target will be measured. Fifty points are awarded for a bulls-eye and 1 point for each metre away from the launcher e.g. if the balloon goes 9 metres, the team gets 9 points). Highest score wins.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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