Physics and Astronomy

Events for Grades 9 to10
Adobe Acrobat Download the free Adobe Acrobat pdf file reader.
Add Em Up Analyse two different populations using a different method in each case.
Air Driven Vehicle An air-powered car.
Airfoil Launch Design an airfoil driven by balloon power.
Astronomy Triathlon (a) Constellations and the Night Sky; (b) Planetary Systems. (c) Cosmology.
Black Box Mystery An electric circuit game.
Bridge That Gap Build a bridge using simple materials.
Bubble Brawn Bubbles and surface tension.
Cell Model Construct a 3-D model of a cell.
Chemical Caper Become a millionaire by identifying elements and compounds from the clues given.
Circuitous Circuits Identify five mystery light bulb circuits.
Circuitous Circuits
Virtual Version
Solve light bulb problems on the web.
Cryptic Cross Word Identify scientific words in a cryptic cross word puzzle.
Cryptic Word Search Identify scientific words in a cryptic word search puzzle.
Cup Stacking Stack cups according to pre-defined sequencies in the shortest time.
Density Relay Visit various stations, and gather data to determine density.
Displacement Dragster Build a ballon powered racing car.
Egg 500 Transport an egg using a rubber band.
Egg Loft Put all your eggs in one rocket.
Eggstatic Build a device which will carry an egg as close as possible to the wall.
Elementary Card Game Learn the elements with this card game.
Extrasolar Systems Build a two-dimensional model of an actual extrasolar system.
Floating Tower Build the tallest floating tower.
Game Money Print game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates. (pdf file, 2 Megabytes)
Heavy Engineering Build the highest or strongest structure using the materials provided.
INDYcator 500 Measure the pH of unknown samples.
Indoor Kite Flying Make your own kite and fly it to victory.
Instant Poster Paint a poster to present particular point.
It's No Yolk Support as much weight as possible using four eggs.
Jam Session Make two musical instruments and play them.
Junk Box Music Build your instruments and then make music.
Kickback Cart Make a cart with recoil.
Land Forms Model an interesting geological feature.
Laser Shoot Hit a target through a maze
Metric Madness How much does it cost to fill the gymnasium with marshmallows?
Microscopic Manipulations Prepare specific microscopic slides and accurately measure cell dimensions
Mud Boat Make a boat out of clay.
Needling Fruit Probe a fruit using needles only.
No Wheels, Will Travel Construct a wheel-less vehicle.
Optical Black Box Identify the optical components inside a black box from the light rays.
Out To Launch Launch a ball and hit a target.
Periodic Spelling Bee Spell words using chemical symbols only.
Reference Race Use 1.0 m of reference books to answer 10 questions in 15 minutes.
Rube Goldberg Do a simple task in the most complicated way possible.
Rubik's Cube Solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle in the shortest possible time.
Save Our Ship Build a sturdy ship using the materials provided.
Slow Bicycle Race Dawdle as long as you can without falling off.
Solar House Build your own solar house.
Solar Oven Raise the temperature using the sun.
Some Like It Hot Make the solution that reaches the highest temperature in the microwave.
Space Glider Construct a glider from garbage bags and paint stir sticks.
Spinning Tops Construct your own spinning top.
S.P.L.A.T. Throw and catch an egg without breaking it.
Star Wars Hit a target with a laser after reflection from two mirrors.
Tall Tower of Cards Build a tower of cards.
Target Practice Hit a target with a golf ball.
Tower of Balsa Make a tower out of balsa wood.
Warm Hands Make a turbine that uses heat from your hands.
What's Your Mass Make your own apparatus to measure mass.
Work Hard - Hard Work Strengthen a copper pipe by bending and then straightening it.

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